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Understanding Biometrics

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Security has all along been important in business, government, the military, and in everyday life. Nowadays it is paramount. More and more, biometrics is being used for security purposes. Technologies like face recognition, fingerprint scans, iris recognition are increasingly being deployed because they offer greater convenience, speed, and accuracy.
But how do they work? Do they really measure up? What if they fail?
This one day course examines these issues, and more, with the aim of providing a good layman understanding of biometrics. The intended audience: business managers, IT end-users, real estate agents, building facility managers, insurance salesmen and underwriters, security professionals and anyone wanting a better understanding of biometrics.

Topics covered

  • Identification/verification methods
  • Biometrics: what is it? what are the different types?
  • Typical biometrics system: architecture and processes
  • Comparing different types of biometrics: face, voice, fingerprint, iris, etc.
  • Application areas: access control, surveillance, criminal investigation, etc.
  • Defeating biometrics: how to thwart biometrics systems


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the different identification methods
  • Describe the different types of biometrics
  • Understand the process of performing a biometrics verification
  • List the strengths/weaknesses of different biometrics
  • Identify application areas in which biometrics may be deployed
  • Appreciate the social issues surrounding biometrics
  • Defend against common attacks

Who should attend?

IT professionals who are interested to know more on Biometrics.

Course Fee

S$160.50 (inclusive of 7% GST)

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