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Embracing Big Data Applications – Transform or Become Obsolete!

Date 29 April 2016

What is the World’s largest hotel chain? Not Starwood or Hilton, but Airbnb, and they don’t even own any hotels. What is the world’s largest taxi company? It’s Uber, and they don’t own any taxis. What is the world’s largest phone company? Not Vodafone or China Mobile. It is WhatsApp and WeChat, and they don’t even own any telecommunication infrastructure.

The question for you is: What opportunities do my company have in this new wave of new technologies revolution? What are the threats? How can I still stay relevant?

Our lives are going through rapid changes in this digital age. Driverless cars, drone deliveries, e-Doctors and robotic housekeepers are just some of the more popular innovations. They no longer remain just in the imagination of creative writers. At the same time, the new technology data-rich companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon continue to dominate the world, outperforming almost all traditional giants in the stock markets. Concurrently, brand names such as Kodak and Borders are rendered obsolete and are no longer in business.

Many senior leaders of traditional companies are under intense pressure to change. However, they are struggling with both the direction and strategies. The technologies, business models, operations, as well as the go-to market strategies are no longer the same as what they had used to leverage and achieve success in the past.

We want to set you thinking in this 1-day workshop. We want to guide you on developing innovative ideas and strategies for your business that will keep you moving in this digital age.  


The workshop will cover the driving forces of the rapid changes in the digital age, especially on Big Data, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IOT). We will also cover the impacts of technologies on our lives and the traditional industries arising from these driving forces, address the risk of becoming irrelevant if unable to change and keep up, as well as the strategies and opportunities that can be used as anchorage for such transformation.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will acquire the knowledge of today’s fast-changing environment, the skills needed to assess the impact of the new environment to their own businesses and to develop their transformation plans to capitalize on this massive change in the world.

Program Topics:

  • Module 1: Our Changing Lives and industries
  • Module 2: A Big Picture: Technologies and Trends Impacting Our Lives and the industries
  • Module 3: Harnessing Big Data – Big Data Applications
  • Module 4: Transforming a Traditional Business
  • Module 5: Capturing Opportunities in Big Data Revolution



29 April 2016, 9am - 5pm


Suntec City Guild House


S$321 (inclusive of 7% GST)





Dr. Kuang-Yu Chow

Senior Advisor to Taiwan Soochow University Big Data Graduate Program and Frost & Sullivan ICT Consulting.  

Former senior executive of AT&T APAC with 32 years of experience in AT&T and Bell Labs.



Mr. Clifton Yong

Formerly APAC top executive for global technology companies Alcatel Lucent, Kaltura and Nortel Networks, Chief Commercial Officer of Mediacorp.  Board director.






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